Our Competences

 A selection of engineering challenges we can help you with


Industrial Equipment

From small separators to large autoclaves, if an industrial process is governed by fluid dynamics, a correct geometrical and physical modeling is of paramount importance in determining the more efficient design for the conditions at play. Determination of pressure drops, time varying temperature distributions, residence times, are just a few examples of tasks we can help you with.


Automotive and Ground Transportation

Whether it is about racing or increasing the mileage of everyday's cars, whether it is assessing the underhood thermal performance or ensuring maximum passengers' comfort, there is no other sector in industry that is so much pervaded by fluid dynamics than automotive. With our in-house tools we can manage any degree of geometric complexity and always deliver in time.


Oil and Gas

From accident scenarios and risk assessment in large plants to pressure drops in complex piping networks, CFD can help you achieve regulatory compliance with efficiency in design and costs. Thanks to our meshing and solver technology, such goals are affordable for any geometrical complexity or flow regime.


Aerospace and Defence

Our proprietary technology, based upon a fully coupled, density based formulation, together with our scrupulous validation and verification process, allows us to deliver timely, accurate and reliable results in any Mach regime.


Construction and Built Environment

The desire of exploring innovative design solutions for buildings and structures, makes simulation a more reliable verification tool than the mere application of what is prescribed by norms and regulations. From wind loads computations on complicated building shapes to pedestrian comfort assessment in urban areas, we can assist builders and architects in their daily work as well as in the sustainable city planning of tomorrow.



Whatever the size of your vessel is, from the smallest dinghy to a full scale ship, our proprietary technology allows us to explore a vast number of design solutions in a timely fashion, while assuring maximum accuracy.



We have experience with most of the computational tools used for vascular flows, and can provide a full range of solutions, from medical image segmentation to patient specific blood flow simulation and analysis.



We can help you in the design of clean rooms, operating rooms, data centers, industrial ovens, just to name a few. More stringent the standard is, higher is the benefit you can get from CFD.


Consumer Goods

We can help you bring innovative ideas to the market as well as improve old ones. If your product interacts with a fluid, from electronic circuits to home appliances, we can provide a solution fitted to your needs.